GRP Bespoke Production from Man Friday GRP Solutions

Bespoke GRP Products from Man Friday GRP Solutions

Bespoke GRP - Themed Bar Front Man Friday are experts in bespoke one-off GRP mouldings producing items for many industries including, but not exclusively, Architectural, Industrial, Automotive, Farming and Marine. We have over 25 years experience to advise and help you to achieve your aim from concept / design to prototyping, pattern and toolmaking right through to production.

Glassfibre (GRP) is an extremely versatile material being lightweight, strong and with a very long working life. GRP does not rot, rust or degrade. It is non-corrosive and non-conductive. Being self-coloured GRP needs no painting and very little ongoing maintenance other than the occasional clean.

Bespoke GRP - TurretThe raw materials used to form the laminate can be tailored to achieve different performances. Choice will depend on the individual design requirements and laminates can be specialised for strength by using various reinforcements. From natural fibres to glass fibre, carbon fibre and Kevlar in their various forms such as chopped strand, filament, woven or any combinations, etc.

Core materials within the laminate will affect panel stiffness such as the lightweight honeycomb materials used in aerospace and motor racing applications to the more robust structural balsa and polyurethane foams preferred by the offshore and marine industries.

Bespoke GRP - Anit-vandal Swimming Pool Cover Among the many attributes of fibreglass is that it can be moulded to form complex shapes which are difficult, if not impossible, in other materials and it can do this seamlessly creating watertight systems far superior to anything that can be achieved using traditional materials. This helps to allow designers much greater freedom for their ideas.

For one-off items temporary moulds are the most economical route. Indeed, simple box shapes can be formed without any expensive tooling from pre-made flat panels which, when bonded, can form a seamless object.

For production runs it is worthwhile investing in permanent tooling to ensure that quality is retained from first item to the last and with costs being spread over the whole batch, the individual product bears only a very small proportion of the total keeping the unit costs to a minimum.