GRP Quoins and Cornerstones from Man Friday GRP Solutions

Quoins and Cornerstones from Man Friday GRP Solutions

GRP Quoins Quoins (coins) or cornerstones, also known as anglestones, date back to anglo saxon buildings and were originally used to provide strength in walls that had been built of loose materials. This exposed stone detail was carried through to large grand houses and public buildings.  The fashion was then copied on smaller properties during the Edwardian and Victorian periods as a decorative feature.

We manufacture lightweight and maintenance-free quoins & cornerstones and because they are made in GRP they are extremely strong yet require virtually no up-keep, a once a year wipe down with a damp cloth is all they need.

Standard quoin colours are white, sandstone or cement-grey but any colour can be supplied on request, subject to a small supplement. Full length, 16 natural stone quoins are 2.4m high and can be joined to create a longer run. We also offer 5 & 3 stone cornerstones as well as a 4-stone flat panel. In Brick we have 5 & 3 stone corners and a 4 brick flat panel.

GRP Quoins and Cornerstones We also offer bespoke brick effect panels made to match almost any variety of brick / mortar patterns & colours, being lightweight they give the effect of bricks, can be fixed like cladding but don't require the structural support needed to bear the weight of real bricks.

All our stone and brick panels and quoins have been moulded from genuine stones or brick and are faithful reproductions but are far easier to both handle and fit. All our quoin & cornerstone designs come with an external flange that allows them to be screw or nail-fixed to a wall, render can then be applied up to the "stones" to hide the flange & fastenings.

Alternatively, when retro fitting, the outer flange can be trimmed back with simple hand tools and the quoin screw-fastened with the edge bedded on silicone sealant in a matching colour.

Our lightweight, maintenance-free quoins are sometimes known as: stones, return cladding blocks, face stones, corner blocks, decorative corner blocks, masonry blocks forming corners, cast stones, external angle stones, quoining, surface mounted building corner stones, lightweight cornerstones, exterior angle of wall or masonry, reinforced outside corner of a building.

Stone Quoins

Standard colours available - white, cement, sandstone. Other colours available on request, subject to a small surcharge.

GRP 17 Stone Quoin Corner 17 natural corner stones. Full height. Right hand or left hand.
2500 x 225 x 225mm
GRP 5 Stone Quoin Corner 5 natural corner stones. Universal fit for LH and RH.
745 x 225 x 225mm
GRP 3 Stone Quoin Corner 3 natural corner stones. Universal fit for LH and RH.
445 x 225 x 225mm
GRP 4 Stone Quoin Corner 4 natural corner stones. Flat panel.
930 x 315mm

Brick Quoins

Standard brick colours available - sandstone, red, brown. Standard mortar colour - sand or cement. We can supply any colours or combination of colours, subject to a small surcharge.

GRP 5 Brick Quoin Corner 5 brick corner section.
430 x 250 x 250mm
GRP 3 Brick Quoin Corner 3 brick corner section.
285 x 245 x 245mm
GRP 4 Brick Flat Panel 4 brick flat panel.
520 x 290mm