GRP Lift Pit Liners from Man Friday GRP Solutions

Lift Pit Liners from Man Friday GRP Solutions

GRP Lift Pit Liner construction in the workshop Man Friday have long been experts in sealing lift pit shafts by means of glassfibre (GRP) lift pit liners. They are the only way to guarantee a totally dry and maintenance free internal tanking system for lift pits.

GRP Lift Pit Liners provide the ultimate in damp-proofing, giving a permanent waterproof membrane, and are recommended for the building industry. Our Lift Pit Liners are compliant with the British Standards waterproofing requirements as detailed in BS8102:2009.

Being a one piece seam-free item that is both lightweight and robust, our Lift Pit Liners require no mechanical fixings or fastenings and thus give a considerable saving of labour during the groundworks phase of project construction.

GRP Lift Pit Liner construction in the workshop Our lift liners overcome many of the problems associated with traditional tanking methods and will, therefore, not only help protect the base of the shaft and any equipment therein, but also ensure a dry environment for future access and inspection.

Our Lift Liners are bespoke which means they can be made to any dimensions required. We produce one-offs or batches as required. Normal depth of the liner is around 1 to 2 metres. Viewed in plan the majority of Lift Pit Liners are rectangular, however, there are occasions, especially when retro fitting, that existing items such as columns, steels, ducting etc. are in the way and we manufacture irregular polygon shapes to suit.

The Lift Pit Liner is easy to manhandle on site (the average weight is between 50 and 75 kg dependent on size) and quick to fit. They are normally fitted into a cavity with the top 100mm flange just above ground / water level. An internal concrete screed is laid over the base of the Lift Pit Liner and block walls to the internal dimensions of the lift shaft rise from this base. Again, there is no need for any screws, bolts or other fastenings.

Completed GRP Lift Pit Liner The liner is constructed from three layers of 450 g/m2 chopped strand mat (CSM) with an isothalic gel flowcoat, pigmented normally in light grey, applied both internally and externally. All corners are then further bonded with four layers of 450 g/m2 forming a very strong (approx. 10mm thick) framework sandwiched within the laminate. All resins and gels materials used are Lloyds approved. Fire retardant, heat and chemically resistant resin and gel systems are all available. Full COSH details are available for all of our products on application.

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